To sign or not to sign? That is the question.

What do you think I'm going to say?🤔

FUCK A LABEL!!! They all exploit anyway. Do it all yourself, you'll appreciate more.

The music industry is exactly that - an INDUSTRY. Do not be naive and say things like "I only care about the art" - sounding like a Hollywood wet-wipe character. You will be pimped out with your cheeks spread out for the whole guy with nothing real to show for it.

It doesn't matter if you have to do more entrepreneurial work behind the scenes. If you're looking to sign, it's cause you're seeing £££s in your view, so you'll have to become entrepreneurial regardless. Take control of your music and what's around it; watch the people that come between you and your art.

Most music isn't gospel anyway, but since some will make music their whole livelihood, they need to protect themselves from an industry that fucks with people time and time again. Have you even read a music contract before? Fucking hell I don't think even the lawyers writing up the contracts know what they're saying.

I used to want to work at a record label, be around the scene and get to know all the players in that game - I'm good on that now 🤣🤣🤣. Some might actually be good for people, but I highly doubt that knowing what the industry really is about.

I don't believe any record label is good for you if you're dependent on them paying you your fair share. You're just an investment to them; the record label "loans" you x amount of money which you have to pay them back in crazy interest when you release music (that's what the signing fee is). Most have creative control over what you put out, they regulate when you can release and they hold a massive percentage over the distribution of art. It's fucking pointless.

You also see that they start making people do things they've never wanted to do, leading to people losing their integrity, i.e. they get pimped out. These artists signed are not role models and yet their lunatic behaviour influences the youth in a dangerous way. That 100% comes from the label and what they demand from their artists.

Do it all independently, get a strong team behind you and build a strong network. You don't need superstardom, you don't need to headline Glastonbury or Wireless. You don't need to be a Drake, Beyonce or Adele, your music will speak for itself.

Some of my favourite songs are from artists who are mostly unheard of by most people, but they're absolutely clarse. If you love music like you say you do and you love making music, you don't need a middleman who will get you in that specific Spotify playlist or on that popping radio interview.

Fuck fame and get your money on your own terms.

Signing out. Love.