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M1llionz - Daily Duppy

"F*** it...who wants it?"

@m1llionz on Instagram

"Welcome back to my YouTube channel, today is smash or pass on waps"

This is one of those freestyles in drill that has been a long time coming. Hailing from North-West Birmingham, M1llionz has finally done a Daily Duppy, one that I think many will be more than happy with. After his release of his mixtape Provisional License, he still gives the people more to enjoy with this freestyle.

A typical M1llionz freestyle has prompt beat switches, which stays consistent in his Daily Duppy. As expected, he comes through with three beat changes, just like his Mad About Bars freestyle. The first uses the Exposing Me melody, which at this point must have a cult following within drill whether from the US or in the UK. The following beat speeds up the freestyle with a jumpier vibe, full of 808 slides and a melodic echo. Then the third is much slower, which means M1llionz flows faster. His flow still remains impeccable, with a rhyme scheme I never would’ve expected, but is fitting for a platform on YouTube. He uses the Smash or Pass as a scheme in his freestyle to compare which firearms he feels best to use. He continues to be inventive in what he says and how to say it in a way no one before him has done. When does it with gun talk, he may be unmatched with how he does it on drill. GRM does absolute wonders to match up illustrations with the bars, which is absolutely needed for someone like M1llionz.

I like his Daily Duppy, I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Not sure about the replay value, but it’s a good Daily Duppy nonetheless. The YouTube Smash or Pass scheme definitely is playing a part on this rating. Although, I would like for M1llionz to try something new with his flow. Whilst he’s on of a few to use big words in his lyrics and fit them on a fast-paced flow, the flow can be very repetitive. It’s not a flow of his that I’m tired of, but it would be nice to also hear something new to go with his lyrical creativity, something he's more than capable of doing. Regardless, I appreciate this Daily Duppy from M1llionz and it’s a good way for him to end the year.

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