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My Jan 2022 Favs

It's early Feb, but it's never too late to do a January 2022 round up (plus it's my blog and I do what I want).

There has been some good quality music to kick off the year. From what has been released in January, I have a good feeling that 2022 will be a good year for music all around. It's only right to share my favourite songs and albums that have come out of 2022 so far, so here goes:

Cordae - From a Birds Eye View (album)

Since my review on this, my opinion hasn't changed. This album is *chef's kiss*. I really do think this is a stellar album from him and a possible top album for the year. I enjoy a lot of songs from this album.

Amber Mark - FOMO

This is from her recent album Three Dimensions Deep, which is a great listen and one people should take in. This song is a serious vibe and it’s how I want to live life from now on – “No more FOMO”.

The Weeknd - I Heard You're Married (feat. Lil Wayne)

From beginning to end, this song does wonders for me. Lil Wayne compliments this song brilliantly and I love the production on this song.

DigDat - Dig Dat

From my review on Pain Built, I didn't have overly goods words for the project. But this song shines for me. The repetition of "Dig Dat" and his flow is what does it for me.

Young T & Bugsey - Nice (feat. Blxst)

Different types of girls, Blxst changing currencies and buying drinks; it’s just a nice bop honestly. Young T and Bugsey know how to make a nice song with a melody hook and this is another one.

Groundworks, 98s (V9, DA, Unknown T & Billy Billions) - Eastside story

From The G-Tape: Volume 1, 98s have always been known for their creative take and sound in drill, and this song also embodies that. I also love the sample used and how Unknown T refers back to it in his lyrics (also, go check out the Groundworks Cypher 2020).

Some songs that I’ve loved listening to in January 2022 (not just released):

Odeal Drain Me

VanJess Slow Down (feat. Lucky Daye)

Lil Keed She Know (feat. Lil Baby)

Sainte – No Love (feat. Miraa May)

NSG Petite

WILLOW – Wait a Minute!

Just Banco – Bisto

Knucks Los Pollos Hermanos

D-Block Europe Make You Smile (feat. AJ Tracey)

Youngs Teflon Hustlers Don’t Die Pt. 5

Sam Wise – 2 Milli (feat. Swift)

SWV Anything (Old Skool Radio Remix)

Lord Apex Say That (feat. Wiki)

Koffee Brown After Party

2Pac Do For Love

Lancey Foux – Based

Cleo Sol Promises

Headie One Everything Nice (feat. Haile)

dxvl, ayrtn., t_n490 – Garms

Hopefully you listen to some of these songs and enjoy them like I do.

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